For a very special tsukiko, happy birthday!


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  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    For the only Tsukiko! Accept no substitutes! Especially when they might be Snadhya’s mimic summons, or liquorice blob-simulacra, or Khaless, or a blob-kitty in a tunic, or Ariel… …actually, if correctly described and advertised, shape-shifted Ariel might constitute an acceptable substitution.

    Ariel: Really? I-I’ve never had a proper birthday party… er… *shapeshifts to form of Tsukiko* Hi, everybody! Happy birthday to me! X-3

    Faen’arae: *runs up to stand next to her* And I’m Tsukiko’s friend, cosplaying as Faen! Yes! :-3

    *Ahem* – I said “correctly described and advertised”, so you need this label – “IMITATION TSUKIKO – 100% ARIEL – DO NOT TAINT – DO NOT DRY-CLEAN” – and you ought to have this label – “THIS IS NOT A COSPLAYER – 100% FAEN’ARAE – DO NOT TAINT – DO NOT BLEACH OR BANISH” … and accordingly, I present the birthday celebrity with this gold badge – “GENUINE TSUKIKO – ETHICALLY SOURCED – HAND WASH ONLY (HUGS ARE PROBABLY OKAY) – KEEP AWAY FROM OPEN FLAMES (AND CHIRINIDE)”. *holds out badge with both hands* Happy birthday to you!