Final cameo list for the upcoming chapters with a count of 45

A quick picture of Ralsei from deltarune. Hug the goat!

And KDA league of legend inspired Kiel piece from Ssapdra who somehow found a way to make it fit the setting with twin sealing stones.


6 Responses to cameo list

  1. vernes says:

    I can’t believe I missed the last call

  2. Ardan Styyx says:

    Errr, I am not on the list?
    I payed and sent the requested elements…
    Shall I assume my cameos will be on chapter 56?

  3. Ardan Styyx says:

    Ouf! That was just a slight delay.

  4. FireWalker says:

    man it really sucks that my character won’t be in this one.. Stupid RENT and PAX East tickets :( Oh well, I’ll make sure she makes a comeback, maybe next chapter… Dan’Suun Val Kyorl’solenurn will be back in all her icy glory!