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The corruption goes deep
The coalition of colonies that took the ship and brought the fight to Felde has surrendered. They are brought to a Chel they no longer recognize. There, a few still try to keep a semblance of order.

Use the form below to join the events unfolding next in the story . A cameo give your character a support cast or background cast speaking role in chapter 55-56. This upcoming story will be separated into two, a calmer short story revolving around Kiel as an introduction to Chel before going on for the main arc. Some cameos could show for a page, some could show for a dozen pages. This is not a factor you can control, it’ll depend on whether your character can fill a niche in a script. But having a concept art will greatly increase your chance of having a relevant character as this allow me to study your character for several hours.
This offer is valid for a very limited time.

The roles available are**
Prisoners : Colonists, sarghress , kyorl or Sullissin who went on the ill advised venture of striking back at Felde for the attacks on the colonies (unlimited)
Alliance’s guardians : Chrys’tel’ co-workers. Imperial guards, overseers, Zala’ess chosen few. Clans can only be those from the traditional alliance : Illhardro, Balvhakara, Jieyen, Sharen, Beldrobbaen.
Netherworlders : Demons who retained some intelligence or tainted who fell to their seed during the last year. They are now rogue agent with no clan or faction affiliation
Nid loyalist: Tainted lieutenants of Snadhya’rune who remained loyal. Strong and quirky recommanded. Can be any clan. :
Purge squad: Kyorls of Anahid on a fire and seal duty. :
Kiel/Sillice survivors: : Those who followed Kiel to orthorbbae and now squat the abandonned school. Sillice people’s have taken the main hall and ninth tower to themselves.
Sarghress : Sang’s hunting legion or sarghress left behind in Chel who are either for taking down the vals or trying to keep a low profile.

–First, pass an order through paypal. paypal account not required:
Cameo order: (160)

Cameo with concept (220)

–Second, fill this character sheet:
-Chosen role: Prisoners, Alliance, Netherworlder, nid, purge, Kiel, Sarghress**
-Character name:
-Character former clan if any:
-Martial ability (weapon of choice):
-Mana ability (Affinity of choice. Summoning, sealing and golems engineering if chosen will take priority over basic affinity):
-Race :
-Eye color :
-hair color:
-Favorite expression:
-Favorite things to say:
-Favorite activity:
-Quirks , characters flaws and odd behaviors (very important):
-Equipements , armor and clothes references if any, simple description with chosen colors if not:
-Paired with , if any:
-Inspiration pictures, if any , that remind you of the character:
-The character’s owner name that you wish to see display in the public database:

–Third, submit it to with as title “Chapter 55 cameo”

The current list of cameo: Chapter 55-56

-Can we submit an existing character?
a: Yes
-Can i have multiple characters?
a: Yes
-How long before my character appears?
A: Can be two weeks, can be 6 months.
-I may want to change my concept art details later, can i?
A: Yes, you will get a sketch of your concept art to review.
-Can i submit a non drow character.
A: Yes but if you submit the wrong race for the wrong role this will greatly lessen your character presence. A feral as alliance’s warrior is… well… Pretty much a pet.
-Can i just give you my *insert mmo of choice here*’s character screenshot?
A: Only if you take a concept art and can provide your chosen role.
-I’m worried about paypal.
A: We’ve been using it for 16 years, there won’t be any issue. Think of it like any regular payment gateway , while it may try to encourage to register an account, – you don’t have to -.
-How can i ensure Kite makes my character ridiculously adorable?
A: Some things are beyond understanding.


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  1. Dice Warwick says:

    Kiel/Sillice survivors: Finol Chandra Vloz’ress

    Likely as a guard for the surviving Kiel Survivors