Our upcoming story will be open for your characters to be submitted on the 3rd november. One of the last two such cameo calls left!
You can follow it live on our picarto multichannel this saturday 2pm east: https://picarto.tv/drowtales
Or come here this weekend!

Also Skorch’s character commission. Not sure if it is an Elezen or not. The character model was. But not the outfit and weapon.

And Kite made an adorable chomper. Her rendition of chompette.

With angry eyebrows


3 Responses to Cameo announcement

  1. vernes says:


  2. Ra'tatosk says:

    So time to get the character sack ready. Who will be the (un)lucky character(s) to be pulled out of the sack? Will there be an already known or some new? I got a large group of Handai relatives.

  3. Durlyn says:

    Hey, great Halloween costumes guys! But its November now, so maybe its time to take the masks off? No? Really? Well shucks, it was worth a shot “draws spear and sealing stones and gets to work” XD