Few joined for this artjam but i expected it to be so considering the very restrictive theme. The goal was to motivate each other and in that yeah it succeeded. I got a lot of progress on the lovebot music video which i had proscrinated on for a month. Here is a 10 second clip from it:

Right now i’m at 1:10 out of 3:20 so a long way to go and no doubt i’ll want to tweak things in the first minute anyways.
Kite’s own study was based on recent developement over the Kiel monster hunter pic. It got 3000 upvotes on reddit and many asked it to be turned into an animated wallpaper using a software still in early access. Kite got interested by the software(wallpaper engine) and made this:

For Mau:

maiq to hovertank

goji to Enferen:


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