Kiel in monster hunter meeting the wiggler queen and finding joy in the wiggler hat. The idea was to do 3 quick pics and then put them together as fast as i can in a gif. it turned out meh , and from the reaction on reddit it seem my assesment is true. But hey at least it was fast!
The wiggler queen is a tiny monster poking out of the ground in monster hunter world that always wiggle, it can be capture and then put in a pot in your home as a pet. This was Kite request and she did the shading touchups on the 3 pics.

I saw a video about using depth on a 2d picture which make me want to revisit an unfinished picture this week. Hopefully get it ready before saturday artjam, it’ll be a good refresher for the music video.
And two other pictures are also stuck in my mind… not sure where i’ll find the time to draw it all before we depart!


One Response to Praise the wiggler queen

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    that wiggler queen puppet is adorable ^^ not sure what’s happening with the video sequence, though…so Kiel sees the potted wiggler queen, becomes mesmerized, then what, she becomes the puppet? or is she wearing it over her head?