Kite has returned from the hospital on sunday and is recovering. Thanks to Mau for her birthday gift of an extra break day by making that animated comic page! It really helped us. Beside for bruises , some lingering pain and a tendency for laughting at her experiences, kite should be back to normal now.

Wednesday’s stream animation where i’ve practiced hairsway and cloud looping.

Kite did a twitch emote commission for VierranV.
And the gifts for my birthday, thank you everyone.




5 Responses to recovery and birthday stuff

  1. smokehammer says:

    Ah! Happy Birthday Kern! Though I must admit I think I wouldve animated a different sort of scene for Ariel being blown away XD

  2. magicskyshark says:

    Very nice Ariel, wavy and sweet…

  3. Tsac'Tuo says:

    Happy Birthday to you Kern!

    And a full recovery to Kite.