Kite felt some pain for days now and right before the saturday stream she had to be brought to the hospital. This time its not the usual checks. She still hover there right now as i’m typing this, her life isn’t in danger, she’s going to come back, it’ll just take time.
So no stream, no page today. Just hospital and the waiting game. I’ve finished Nie’s private commission and sent Gem’s nsfw commission drafts in the meantime.
May as well post some recent fanwork and giftart!
From sygdom, some epic kiel.

From ssapdra :Nau , Kiel and secret naal

And a surprise Ariel if ound on deviantart by Kuby.

Also thrair has been meming.


4 Responses to No kite

  1. Tsac'Tuo says:

    I hope Kite gets well soon.

  2. Ardan Styyx says:

    All our wishes to Kite for a fast recovery!

    Tous nos voeux de prompt r├ętablissement pour Kite!

    Lâchez pas la patate!

  3. Smokehammer says:

    I third this. May Kite be glomped by many magic moogles of healing while she rests !

  4. Moatl says:

    Get well soon, Kite