Newest animation from kite, a jiggly dodo!

People were talking about female armors on the discord, here’s a quick sarnel trying it out. I was braindead at the time.

Commission for Lordpanther of Kiel with a Feral. The two of them are fine but the background, ugggh. Yeah, would need to restart it. Kite is feeling ill again so she couldn’t give it her magic touch.

Two people slain the giveaway mimic on twitch this weekend, here is my giveaway to Farex for being one of the victor!


2 Responses to Doddo

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Yay for Kiel’n’feral, and for ducks and drakes. And hugs for LordPanther!

    Feral: *skims stone, watches it skip five times* Nyah! Five skips! I am so good!! ^ω^

    Kiel’ndia: *skims stone, watches her princes and princesses, who are bobbing on the surface of the pool, start playing catch with it* …three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven… :-)

    Feral: That’s cheating, myah, it shouldn’t count!

    Jiggly dodo: *bounces onto pool surface, catches and swallows stone*

    Princes and princesses: *begin playing catch with jiggly dodo instead*

    Kiel’ndia: (to princes and princesses) Hey! Hey! What happened to my ducks and drakes record attempt? Can’t someone do the Heimlich on that dodo? :-(


  2. Smokehammer says:

    The background on Kiel and Feral buddy looks I dunno low res? But the perspective isnt off and it looks like a deep cavern so I think you could save it with proper texturing? Or fog effects or both.