With kite away in various hospital appointement today i knew there was no hope to have color today’s page. Instead i gave my focus on the daydream page below, sponsored by Lordpanther.

And to commemorate a raid clear my group had against Garuda, the big fluffy big in final fantasy. I’m told i gave her bigger boobs than normal! Most likely and her head isn’t as tiny as the original. Its a real challenge to try to match extreme proportions. BUt hey, a drawing made for “Fun”!

Speaking of fun, i had some guests characters inserted in Sygdom’s drawings:

If you were watching SGDQ during the Super metroid run, you may have heard a message from Studio drowtales. At last one of my message was read!


2 Responses to Boobie bird

  1. Susan says:

    Oh Garuda, you’re just so absolutely nuts with one of the best battle themes.