Impressive Chiri animation by Kite. She spent the whole week tweaking this to make it look 3d by using a lot of liquify tricks.

Commission for Beanie and Kaya, very much NSFW. This leaves me 2 commission to tackle, both NSFW.

The 15 minutes art challenge was “Surprise cake”
















For Sekhriat:

From Darkvolt to Aurawyn

From Tranquil To eferen

Last week Goji for Sekrhiat

From kite to Cortez(Animated!)


2 Responses to Surprise cake

  1. Moatl says:


    Oh, ich glaube fest daran
    Dass uns Pizza retten kann!
    Sie verb√ľndet diese Welt
    Baby, lass uns Pizza bestell’n!
    Oh, ich glaube fest daran
    Dass uns Pizza retten kann!
    Jeder Revolutionär
    Braucht nur Pizza und Gewehr!

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Chiquote stands guard solidly, and is animated in her alertness as she guards against all the things (great work there, Kite!). Squirrels, bushes, waterways, demons, all manner of naughty things, none shall escape her gaze, or her wrath. Not even surprise_cake!Shanquote can make her relax… which is sad, since Chirinide was so happy to see Shan’naal bursting from his strawberry Shan’cake here…

    (let’s sprinkle the area with military-grade catnip essence and see if that makes a difference…)

    Chiquote stares at the horizon and purrs contentedly. Squirrels, bushes, waterways – they’re all all fine with her, and all the naughty things are wary of her potential naughtiness… all except for Shan’quote, who pops out of his surprise cake to her delight, heedless of the fact that she will want to check him over for stray bits of chocolate icing… and then move on to the main course! >;=)>

    As for Snadhya, I’d give her the cake that Chiri is preparing in the kitchen o’ fear’n’doom…

    Servant: Mistress… this cake came as a gift.

    Snadhya’rune: From whom?

    Servant: It was delivered by a goat-feral who was in a great hurry. He didn’t say.

    Snadhya’rune: I see. You will taste it to make sure it isn’t poisoned.

    Servant: Of course, mistress. *sticks fork into cake*

    Snadhya’s base: *is annihilated in Chiri-cake explosion*

    Everybody in the surrounding lands: *yells of surprise, ducking and covering, etc.* *sniff sniff* Strawberry…??

    Chirinide (watching from a distance): Goodbye, my cake. You were the best thing I ever cooked so far… good blast radius, too.

    Anahid: The cake may not have been a lie, but it sure was deceptive! :-)

    All: *general laughter* *lead out music plays* *pull out* *freeze frame* *cut to black* *roll credits*