Commission of Farex’s jaaldarya all polished by Kite’s magical coloring.
And the commission for Lordpanther of his naga caretaker now made magical girl. Still holding an egg though! Priorities and all that.

Down to 3 commission, all of them NSFW.


One Response to Magical snaek

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Hooray for LordPanther and Sailor Naga! No egg-thief will go unpunished and no hatchling will go uncomforted while she’s around! NAGA NURSEY POWERUP!!!!!!!!! ♥ EGG HUG GLOMP!!!!!! ♥ PILLOW PAIR PAMPER POWER!!!!!! ♥ ♪Rock-a-bye baby, on the-♪ *ZZZZZZZZZZZ*

    >:=)> Hugs and scritches to you, LordPanther (although I suspect that Sailor Xy’tin would be the best at dispensing these!). >:=3>