while late, pretty happy with the page today. Kel landing was epic.

Magical girl Chiri chan page 25 sponsored by lordpanther is up. wrapping up the month of may’s commissions. Leave me with 3 nsfw commissions. Which mean i’m not quite sure what i’ll work on friday’s SFW stream. Maybe something for fun? maybe an animation? Not sure yet.
Speaking of stream,i had my biggest twitch stream yet on thursday afternoon. Nothing anywhere near the streams we used to have on justin tv but still.

Now how to make this a normal thing instead….

Sabbror surfing from Vestiline… i guess today is very much a surf day!


3 Responses to magical smooching

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    MGC page 25 looks great, guys ^^/ love the transition in her dress after OilslickBoobyChiri kisses MGC (she does tongue, obviously XP ). congrats on the record turnout for the Dankest Dungeon Delve yesterday \o/ to be frank, Kern, you looked like you were enjoying yourself, and I believe that contributed to your high numbers. now Vestie, Zala surfing on Sabrror? ^^; I bet Araa’toskr, Kel’noz and Tralyn are preparing to protest the portrayal of Sabbie in an inegalitarian manner :D well, once the Felde op is finished, of course…

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Hooray for LordPanther and Chiri-chan! And what has it done to her? Turned her into Dark Chiri? Gothic Chiri? Tsundere Chiri? Tsuntsun Chiri? Chirinottakingyourcrapanymore?

    Chirinottakingyourcrapanymore: Anahid… Holy Mother… you need to FOCUS, get your mind away from Kahru’s abs and butt, and stay in the GAME! Do you understand?!

    Anahid: :-o *nod*

    Darkling mimic: *darkling grin* But it is such a nice butt-

    Chirinottakingyourcrapanymore: *backhands head off darkling mimic*

    Darkling mimic: …I deserved that. And I’m going to give you your power of love back, because we think we preferred you that way, and-

    Chrinottakingyourcrapanymore: No time! We need to kick this broodmother’s ass, pronto! *walks around darkling mimic, followed by Anahid*