A new emote for the discord. People pointed out there is no Ariel ones, so i tried to make one about adventure but alas the text does not scale down well. So exclamation mark it is.

Thank you Soulcode for the ariel fanart!

And Kite animated a gift art for tsukiko.


One Response to Blinky taldrin

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    that Ariel Adventure emoji is just the best \ ^^ / I’m glad we have Ariel in the library now. and Code’s pic of Ariel sparring with Reka is great, the determination on their faces and the “fake-ness” of the wooden weapons really stand out. finally the Blinking Taldrin at rest looks so fierce yet adorable 0u0 sech a cute widdle Drow boi…Akumu’s in his Relic Hunters squad, so she gets to hang out with him ^^