The previous post is in an efforts to better use the social medias , by having a list of important links underneath each artwork. I’ve yet to find out how to use these on facebook and twitter though. The first would block posts with links and make it less likely for anyone to see them. The second is space limited.

Propaganda poster of the wolf pack, a commission for Lordpanther by Kite.

Guiltycarrion’s commission in steps. From draft to completion with Kite throwing her skill in to tweak my coloring. As the character did not pop from the background before her magic touch.

This has to be my most time extensive single character commission in a while. 6 hours i think plus Kite’s time. As i was trying to find a new way to make it stand out.

And metzger commission compositions drafts.


2 Responses to Join the wolf pack

  1. Farex says:

    For Twitter I’d say just put the link(s) in your Twitter bio, not on each post. If there are too many links to fit in the bio, make one “about” page either here or on Tumblr, and link that.

    It might also be a good idea to put the Commissions link in the top navigation bar on your Tumblr; that’s where I usually look if I want to see if an artist takes commissions.

    Can’t say anything about Facebook because I don’t use it :P