Commission of the owl druid for Vailoen. I’m happy with the result of this one.

And white shark mermaid which the people on the stream voted for the cute factor. It may be my last for the mermaid series, at least for now.

Sygdom memed it XD

And Kite’s commission in progress for Lordpanther.
On the topic of Kite and the fact that there were only 2 updates this week so far. She fell ill, (no B its not burnout!) with all the new pills she has to take and the hospital visits it no surprise. It doesn’t matter that the pages are shrunk back to their old size if she is feeling sick all day. So, it may be time to consider for the next chapter to revisit the style i did for the young quaintana arc, where i did the pages by myself. At least for Kiel’s mini chapter. This could give Kite time to build a buffer.

Also, i’ve reopened my twitter account. It had been 5 years since i abandoned it! So much so i couldn’t recognize some of the faces of the people i followed over there. As for what i’ll do with it, likely it’ll just be the same as my tumblr, except, its not tumblr, for the people who don’t like tumblr. I think you get my point.


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