Commission for Lordpanther of his owl and Mapletree’s owl.

And a Kiel rpg body meant for animation that i derped. I will have to redo it , this time broken down into parts .
Saturday is Slime X Chiri on stream so NSFW stream!


One Response to Drunk tiny things

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    You did it! Panthera primus pairs pygmy piss-owls perfectly!

    Istud vinum, bonum vinum, vinum generosum,
    Reddit virum curialem, probum, animosum!

    (This wine, good wine, wine in generous amounts,
    Makes a man caring, proper, lively!)

    Strigg’dae: We’re warrior women drinking beer, you strange goat-feral!

    Treemma: *pffffhaahahaahaa* He said “bone-um”… *snerk*

    Strigg’dae & Treemma: *BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAAAA!!!* X-D