I will be streaming later today with Norin for the first time, and Ssapdra. My commission will be the one for Ajay, a comic page about his dt drow squad.

Melodia’s fate, a commission for Thrair who wanted it to be known where melodia truly is.

And i drew Kite’s catboi.

Adira defaced the page to come with Luigi nose. Its now glorious. i’m told by kite the page is almost done but its 6am and i want to sleep sooo tit’ll go up later.

more silly Kel from Adira

Even more silly Kel from Adira

B will not stand down at these new ships for Kel. She strike back with this kiss between Waes and Kel! Commissioned from Yen.

And Enferen made a litteral “Fanart” by painting Kel on a fan.
Thank you, Kel survival chances is increasing XD


2 Responses to Catgirl at the beach

  1. Bwoman says:

    *pssst* It’s Yen-yen-yen that made my pic ;P

  2. Pitdragon says:

    That first silly Kel by Adira is still cracking me up.