Today was the birthday of Mau, a friend and co-worker. So Kite made her a new portrait. Much cute!

I drew a bucket of her babies:

And finished the (oh so secret) commission for Mowser which is meant as a gift to her. Featuring her two drow characters.


3 Responses to Mau’s birthday

  1. GEM76 says:

    Happy Birthday Mau :)

  2. smokehammer says:

    Yeah, seconded! Happy Birthday Mau!

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Birthday buccaneer Rayata is, this day, the pirate of ♥love♥, taking to the high ground on her giant cat, Amaran, with her kitty-person crew all armed to the tail-tips with cuteness, to plunder hearts and booty (both sorts). Let none oppose her, lest they end up clapped in fluffy handcuffs and facing her cat ‘o’ nine tails…

    Cat ‘O’ Ninetails: What do you think of my nine tails, nya? Go on, stroke them, stroke them, stroooke them, *purrrrrrrrrrrrr*! ♥

    Oh all right then, go ahead and oppose her – Kitty Ninetails needs her fun as well.

    And Happy Buccaneer to you, Mau! May a fair wind always fill your sails!