magical girl owl for lordpanther. Much magical hoot! That leave one commission to somehow complete in march and there’s one day left, wish me luck. Then there is a second one needing completion in the next few days too.


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  1. Greenwood Goat says:


    At last, Sailor Owl is here! (Those auditions must have been keenly contested… >:=) And it looks as if she might be the magical girl identity of none other than our favourite and most distinctive Mimian warrior, Strigg’dae Kavahini. Of course, if I am right, nobody in-universe would would guess this, as Sailor Owl is seen here expressing love wherever she goes, in contrast to Strigg’dae’s all-too-constant expressions of biting anger. Plus they have different outfits and accessories, and everyone is going to be distracted by that flying blobkitty companion. Also, Sailor Owl might… actually be taller than Strigg’dae, but that could just be down to posing, lens distortion and photoshopping. >:=)> Hugs to LordPanther for bringing this creation to the screen! >:=3>