Kite finished the moogle facerig! I’ll be trying it on a stream soon.
I admit i had a bad time on today’s stream. So i dunno what i will do next thursday and wheter i will continue with gaming on twitch or just revert back to only doing art live.
Once i recovered i went to do some thank you for those who had come to help with silvertea’s birthday events.
A white mage. You know how being a healer and hatred goes together.

And a black mage who love explosion.


3 Responses to Moving kupo

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    super-cute Kupo ^^ and hang in there Kern, I’m sure you were frustrated. remember that it is a game, and while you put our names on the characters, when they die, just grab a new character from the coach and tack on a Jr. or a II or a III after the name ^^ I doubt anyone is all that bothered if their namesake character bites it. we are like the black friend demons Kiel likes to keep around, we’re indestructible (even Shasana couldn’t destroy us). so butch up, Dungeon Delver, let’s give it another go next week, and we’ll bring popcorn! o/