Kite painted poogie from monster hunter and begun animating it.
While i did Slainne vs Adira, the boob off to come. Based on a silly discord conversation.

And the magical girl page in progress. Still need at least 5 hours to complete it:

I’ll be working on the group picture on saturday’s stream however. The comic page will have to wait a bit.


2 Responses to poogie

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    adorable Poogie ^^ can’t wait to see the finished animations Kite was working on. MGC and MGA make their rolls to Spot…gross, good luck with the vomit research, Kern ^^; but wait, but wait…the BoobOff is EPIC (and fast as lightning, you did that while we were holding the conversation in Discord General, I just paused and went to Art and BAM there it was! o_O ). it might never be canon, but IT SURE IS CANNONS! XD and don’t worry Vlash, Nehle gotta take part in the brackets, along with the other titanic ladies mentioned. Duel of the Dreadnoughts: into the valley of breasts rode the nosebleeders…cannons to the right of them, cannons to the left of them, cannons in front of them, volleyball wonders… \ ^3^ / (apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson ^^; )

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Another Boob-Off! And this time it’s the boobs that nurtured the mighty Die’tra taking to the field! Adira, high lady of the Boob-Window, is going to have her work cut out, if she isn’t just doomed to certain defeat.

    But I have to ask, considering the level of butt-fandom here, why there has never been a Butt-Off…

    Random character: *stares at application form for Grand Butt-Off* *hovers pen over tick boxes in section 1 of form*

    Section 1 of form: I wish to apply to (please tick one): □ compete. □ sit on judging panel. □ steward/inspect competitors. □ staff one of the spanking stations (see Schedule of Rules, para 17). □ apply/remove cosmetic powder from butt-cheeks (see Schedule of Rules, para 25). □ perform cleanup duties on the stage/catwalk, including thrown underwear (appropriate uniform will be provided (and very cute), see Schedule of Rules, para 29, for detailed policy on item retention). □ be part of the prize pool (one night’s service with option to extend, make sure you state your correct orientation below, concealing ribbons in orientation-indicating colour with large floppy bows will be provided, see Schedule of Rules, para 34).

    Random character: ……… I… I can’t decide!!! *drops pen, clutches forehead*

    >:=)> (Note that the prizes also include options of cash, weapons and equipment, butts of ale, etc.)

    And yes, the poogie is very cute, and will surely animate even more cutely. Just make sure that Adira and Slainne don’t end up roasting and eating it… >:=/>