Kite’s adorable palico is spreading like wilffire. It’s her most popular picture yet on social medias.
That said, now the bad news is that over the last few months we fell to 4 updates a week, and now slipping to 3. Kite despair at her speed over the pages so its time to cut back on page sizes drastricly. And instead bring back the 5 updates a week so we can have regular updates once again. This mean less happening on each pages, less varied backgrounds, less characters per page because sometime it can get over 20. In short i’ll be going back to the old page size for a while. It also mean, yes, this chapter will be “longer” than originaly announced just from the fact that every 2 pages will now take about 3 pages .

Here is her most recent commission for Mowser.

And Gojikin’s concept art in progress , last of the current chapter concept. Still awaiting his review.


2 Responses to Happy dwarves

  1. Bwoman says:

    You’ll probably ignore this like all the others, but I care too much about you two to not try:


    These are just all the signs of burn-out – again, I know what that looks like since I got SEVERAL people at my workplace in various stages of it – and you need to take a bloody break where you do nothing related to drowtales, but just pet cats, play games and turn off all drowtales-related social media.