Kite was really into her palico of pupushes last saturday and spent many hours over the weekdends and monday to animate it in the most adorable way. She used it as a live2d avatar for monday’s stream.

And magicskyshark concept was done. Leaving only 2 to do before this chapter’s concepts are all wrapped up.


3 Responses to Palico too cute to be legal

  1. Metzger says:


  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Link to fullsize Daenar concept page!

    Statute of Limitations on palico cuteness: 12 hours. This palico’s cuteness is now legal. Petting and hugging of pallico is also legal. Those wishing to pet the palico should queue through the barriers. The palico will wave a pink pennant to indicate that the person at the head of the queue may advance and pet, or wave a black pennant to reject them. Waes’soloth is currently petting, and has been there for nearly an hour. Ash’waren is next in the queue, followed by Anahid and Mel’arnach. Waiting time at the back of the queue is estimated at 27 hours and rising. We would like to remind you that there is a volunteer petting and grooming station at the feral village, the Great Shrine to Purress is staffed around the clock by Kitty Kyorls ready to receive petting prayers, and most feral trainers and dealers expect people to make hay with the “pet before you buy” policy (if they don’t outright rely on it – ferals tend to act up in the saleroom if not kept amused). And also LordPanther, patron of the DrowTales arts, might be out there right now, and might welcome the offer of some happy scritchies while he considers his next commission. *heads off with offer of happy scritchies* >:=)>

  3. junglefowl26 says:

    To quote the Simpsons “He ain’t pretty no more.”

    Honestly kind of surprised he lived with such injuries – I wouldn’t think the Nids would be the kind to rescue one of their wounded, particularly when retreating and thus not wanting to be slowed down. Plus even if they did they were kind of far from any help….

    Well, at least now he has a shot at revenge.