Concept art for Farex. There is only 4 left to wrap up all the cast for the chapter! After , there is some much delayed commissions that need to be done.


4 Responses to Spider girl spider girl

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I love how Kern draws driders ^^ I’m a bit arachnophobic (long story, that), but between the Awares like Zhor, the cute white lap spider of Waes, and driders like Thera and Banja’pyrex here, the thick legs make ’em easier to handle. That, and the Drow half of Thera and Banja are pretty (Luna’s QoB Licorice is cute too)

    An anecdote: as a matter of fact, today I was at work and felt something on my arm. It was so faint, I thought it might be a piece of styrofoam or something, so I looked and found a 5mm grey hemisphere on my arm. So I lean in to get a closer look, and it was a pudgy baby spider with thick stubby legs. As I ogled it, it slowly rotated in place like a tank, and turned to face me. I rarely think “d’awww” while looking at arachnids, but this one was so cute (the short stubby legs, diminutive size, and slow speed probably helped) that I took it out to the entrance, leaned down and gently blew it off my arm ^^;

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Spider Girl, Spider Girl,
    Character in the DrowTales world,
    Cleans her helm, guards things good,
    Runs from fire, like you would,
    Look out – there goes the Spider Girl!

    Chirinide: Come back! I only want to make sure you’re not tainted! The fire is only a precaution! If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear! If you don’t stop scuttling away right now, I’m going to make a presumption of taint!!

    Banja’pyrex could probably stalemate flamy Chiri by calling out something like “Oh no, who will save my bulbous furry drider butt from these nasty flames?!”

    Chirinide: There’s now a wall of butt-fans in the way, and they don’t burn very well!!!! *GRRRRRR*

    Another alternative would be to fit a chocolate-firing mortar to her abdomen.

    Chirinide: Your sinful *nom* treats will *nom* not stray me *nom* from the path *nom* for long! *nom* AAAerk!- *is swallowed up by scrum of other chocolate fiends*