Neh’s dresses commission is complete! Again tried to do a slightly different coloring style but its not noticable,
next is completing some concept art! With Rasp&kyne commission this saturday. Magical girl next week. Dalvy/khora commission and ajay commission to be early february.


4 Responses to dresses

  1. Samireh says:

    Neh always has the best outfits. She’s one of my favourite cameos.

    Is she half Beld? I think I remember a commissioned art piece of her and Ischa but I’m not entirely sure if it was her.

    • Bwoman says:

      Yup, she is Ischa’s half-sister. They share a father (semi-official headcanon is that he’s one of Waes’ elder sons, canonicity to happen when his Concept Art gets made XP)

  2. Laurie says:

    I rather like the coloring on this one; that and the outfits themselves. Very striking.