The pages now begun to go online. The old version was deleted from our database. You can still get it via the download form. With our 7 updates a week, it should go by fast. Chapter 20 will go up in december. Here’s a bit of personal news. I was finishing the last page this week end when i was struck down by migraine. Migraine sound like a silly thing, like a regular headache, until you experience one. It pretty much shutting down my brain, making me blind and even with several pills, it is a constant fight not to throw up. This time was an unique migraine. I was unable to stay awake yesterday night due vagues of sudden fatigue. When i awoke from sleep, the migraine was already strong. Took me the entire day to recover. 16 hours after, i still feel my brain in my skull.


13 Responses to Chapter 1 pages going online

  1. Maria says:

    Ah, get well soon, Kern. :O

  2. Tohya says:

    I hope you feel better today. You may want to take the time to try see a doctor, since this appears to be an unusual migraine for you. That and it could be caused by something else.

  3. AthenAltena says:

    Yowch, migraines suck, I know from experience. Take it easy and hopefully it’ll go away after not too long.

  4. Vick330 says:

    I know the difference between migraines and common headaches. If this happens again you should seek medical attention, there are prescription medication efficient for that condition.

  5. kern says:

    Tohya, that scared me for a bit. fortunately(i guess you can call that fortunate…) what i have is “classic” migraine as your first link put it. My vision always distort with colors before the pain strike. just apparently this time it happened while i slept.

  6. Pitdragon says:

    My ex-bf has gotten those often. His doctor tried a medicine that was approved by the FDA but were going through wide-spread trials to see if it would help and it did not. He said some dietary changes have reduced the numbers of migraines he’s had but he still gets them and either he has to call in sick or lie on the floor of his office until he feels capable of driving home. It’s pretty bad. :(

    I had one a long time ago, luckily he was around to help. Lying in a warm bath with a towel over me (towel was dunked in water to make sure it was warm too) helped a lot, at least it made me functional long enough to get hydrated and try a few pills without throwing them back up, maybe get a little food in me. Don’t know where he heard to do that though, it was his suggestion. Not sure what caused that one, I was under a lot of stress and wasn’t eating properly though so that might have been what made it worse. I’ve had a few lesser ones (visual, mostly light sensitivity), but that one was a league beyond them.

  7. Izioie says:

    I’d recommend Cayenne pepper. My boyfriend gets cluster headaches (aka suicide headaches) The pain is so bad for him that he literally beat his head against a wall till blood started trickling down from his eyes. Nothing ever worked for him either. Then he found this site with a cop telling how he had the same problems. The cop also demonstrated pepper spray to groups. He had an attack one day while doing a demo and the pepper spray cleared it up. Not saying spray pepper spray in your face but they do have nasal sprays with capsicum (the stuff in peppers that help). He keeps his handy now in case he feels it coming on. That or possible increase cayenne pepper into your diet.

  8. Blackshade10 says:

    Ah, Jesus. I feel for you Kern. I get Migraines occasionally. It’s one of the worst experiences ever. Get well soon!

  9. Migraine is a nasty thing. So far I’ve been lucky enough not to suffer from it, but my father, his brother and my grandfather all got it so it is quite likely that I’ll get it one day.
    Anyways, I hope you’ll get better soon…

  10. Tohya says:

    ^^; Well, as long as the migraines are all similar you’ll be ok. As for what you can take for treatment of the migraine, that’s a bit like looking for a needle in a hay stack. You may find it eventually.

  11. Alric says:

    Hmm, ya might want to see a doctor if these persist…I remember my mother suffered from them a few years back.

  12. Alden says:

    Sounds like you’re suffering for your art Kern: a well thought-out story.

  13. gennhaver says:

    When I had a migraine, the only thing that helped was hot hot hot water running on the back of my head. I stood there with my head in the sink for a good 2 hours, followed by a 3 hr shower before the pain stopped, but it stopped!