I admit lately we haven’t drawn enough. Finding the energy is hard , too many commitments were made and there is the side complication from Kite’s diabetes that took it’s time toll. Lots of appointement and things to follow on. Plus our schedule is a mess. We’Ll work things out and improve the update rate. Especially as this week i don’t think we’ll get more than 3 pages for the main story.
Plus, when’s the last time i made an animation!? Months has gone by. Where’s the time guys o_o where is the time disapearing.

Ariel chinese new year dog comission compositions.
And Farex’s cameo concept art in progress:


14 Responses to Our absence

  1. smokehammer says:

    Have you ever thought about how when you were a kid everything goes so slow but then when youre older everything just flies past? What causes that? Stress? Forgetting stuff quicker than you used to be able to learn it?

    PS, well wishes to Kite. Diabetes is a biach to deal with.

  2. Farex says:

    Pretty much every other webcomic I know that does full-color full pages, has new pages once a week, or three days a week at most. What’s a slow week for you is still crazy productive for everyone else ;)

    In all seriousness, I would not mind Main Archive going to a three times a week schedule if that allows you to take care of yourselves, not burn out, and have time for side projects and hobbies.

    • junglefowl26 says:

      100% Agree. Even 3 a week with art like this, plus commissions and cameos, is really impressive.

      Take care of yourselves!

      • Thrair says:

        Yah. I find myself able to compare Drowtales to Girl Genius (which is another famous webcomic made by a husband/wife team). And quite favourably so.

        Drowtales’ art is easily on par with theirs, and both have about the same size pages. They run three a week, not five. And hell, they sort of have three people working on it, because Phil draws, Kaja helps with the story, and they have a separate guy as colourist.

        I don’t think anyone with sense would bat an eye at a Mon-Wed-Fri update schedule, if that’s what you two need.

        • Basileus_Ioannis says:

          Totally agree, Kern and Kite. You guys are a freakin’ dynamo. And some of those aforementioned other artists don’t maintain the nice Forum we enjoy, or dedicated Picarto, Twitch AND Discord channels (not to mention the Relic Hunter and DayDream premium sections). You two provide unprecedented access to allow us to leave comments, talk to you, even take an active part through cameos and games o_O So please, take care of yourselves, and if you need a less prodigious publishing schedule, I’m all for it. Call it an investment in your future productivity ;) because getting sick or burnt out ain’t gonna do squat diddly for that, right? Hang in there, guys o/

          • VestaHound says:

            I agree with the rest of em! 3 days a week for this comic seems ideal compared to 5 especially with all of the work is put into it. Many full color comics I’ve read are 1 or 3 days a week, so 5 seems so insane to me(and a lot of us, it seems!). You guys do so much work as it is.

          • Kern says:

            thank you guys.

  3. Bwoman says:

    For fear of unleashing a storm:


    • Kern says:


      • Bwoman says:

        That was a catch-up week, where you still worked. I am talking actual Vacay. No Drowtales, preferably a sandy beach on the Bahamas.

        WE CAPSING CAUSE I AM ANGRY AT YOU *angry bee-noises*

        • Metzger says:

          I agree with B!

        • Kern says:

          Going to a sandy beach in the bahamas doesn’t sound like a vacation. Traveling to a foreign country is stress, B.

          • Bwoman says:

            You know what I mean >-<

            You two are showing all the signs of Burnout, you need a break with NO WORK. Trust me, I know several people who DID Burnout and their stories match yours Perfectly. I am really worried about you and Kite, you'll work yourself into the ground and then how will things go?

            Not even just in a way of 'updates of Drowtales', cause fuck it, I much prefer that you two need to take a month off to recuperate than having updates continuously.