Snaek, don’t step on it, its too adorable.

4 more characters join the videogame compilation pic.

And Mablevi concept got sketched. Though i’m not happy with how it look so far. I think i forgot how to draw guys, send help.


5 Responses to Snake

  1. junglefowl26 says:

    Ah, Mablevi – it will be really interesting to see him again.

    He is one of those characters that doesn’t get seen or mentioned a lot, but it is actually pretty important if you think about it – he was responsible for her training, if I recall correctly. So kind of her sensei, to go all anime on you guys – I wonder how he will feel about his old student. He will fight on the side of the legion, sure, but will he be proud of her, angry, apathetic…in any case, I hope we get to see.

  2. smokehammer says:

    Snaeks with claws and wings are dragons man (at least in the orient).

    Also what game is the cat with the bloody bat from?

    Help with no shirt =

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    The adorable snek reminds me of Quetzalcoatl in feathered serpent form ^^; and yay Sonic ===@^v As far as Mablevi, it is still a sketch, but I think I see what’s off. Mablevi was a gaunt, muscular dude who looked middle aged. The sketch version looks too…pretty? Smooth? Disregarding the tattoos, old Mablevi had a more angular look, squared forehead, closeup of his eyes were wedges. His hair looked braided and hard, like thick follicles or something. He didn’t have a bushy ponytail like Kiel, but had multiple braids that were about shoulder length, and one loop, all of them looking stiff. The eyebrows were lower, closer to the eyelids, and were white. The top of his head was flatter, a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger. His scowl was wider, his mouth only looked small when opened while talking. You know, old Mablevi kinda reminded me of that Vloz soulseeker, Shoki (the one with hygiene issues), but his mouth was smaller than Mablevi’s (among many other detail differences, like no cat-girl accessory :3 ). No, it ain’t because he was also shirtless, because that Val that young Quain killed in the flashback was also shirtless but looked nothing like Mablevi or Shoki (if anything, that Val looked a bit like Kau when the juice dealer surprised him in Northcliff ^^ ). So overall, Kern, if you can “harden up” sketch Mablevi, make him look more “middle-aged” and angular, that might make him look more like his old image? What do you guys think?