Eastern canada’s isps seem to have had some serious internet issue today. We could barely load up discord for some text chat. Forget streaming completely. Because of this the art jam didn’t happen for us but thankfully others have grouped up to make one happen through the discord group! pssst join if you haven’t : https://discord.gg/wvyHdv3
Still i worked on my best of 2017 game compilation. Its a big one with 18 games!

Might take me a couple weeks to complete considering commissions will take priority.Full list of games that had to be drawn:

resident evil 7
Gravity rush 2
Hollow knight
FF14 stormblood
horizon zero dawn
metroid 2
night in the wood
persona 5
Mario odyssey
Mario vs rabbit
Little nightmares
Battle chef brigade


3 Responses to internet froze in the tubes

  1. smokehammer says:

    This looks like its gonna make one bitchin’ poster.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    certainly it’s gonna be a pièce de résistance for this year, with so many popular and recognizable characters ^^ I can’t wait to see it inked and colored! sorry about the internet trouble you suffered, Kern and Kite, it must have been frustrating :( as for the “B Team stream” as someone called it, thanks to DarkVolt for taking the initiative, and he, Existential Toast, SoulCode, Ssapdra, and Tranquil (am I missing someone?) for multistreaming to keep us entertained with a preponderance of art. while we lamented that we missed Kern and Kite (it just wasn’t the same without you), I do want to remark how quickly DV and the others were able to swing into action, good job all o/ here’s hoping we won’t have to do that again any time soon! ^^;