The 5 drafts for chapter 54 cover.

The first was the clash of the two armies, sarghress legion against sarghress pack.
The second was someone screaming, shattering the cover with the title in the middle. the shards shows the main cast among them.
Third is the antagonist looming over the city with the pack on one side of the bridge and the legion on the other.
Fourth is the one that ended up being selected. Because it could be doable in a day for coloring while others would’ve taken days. This is the more adventurous one with the crew aboard the ship.
Fifth is the crew off the ship, looking toward the city at the horizon for a more qujiet scene.


4 Responses to Cover alternatives.

  1. Moatl says:

    Covering alternatives…


  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    interesting about the cover selection…when you look at all the choices, 1 thru 3 kinda show DISunity, but 4 and 5 show Ariel’s faction unified. I think 4 was the right call, as 5 has everyone’s butts pointed at the reader (even the airship), but you can see everyone’s faces in 4 (and the airship’s “face” is so ornately painted). it’s also the most dramatic, with a closeup of Chakri to hoot, er, boot ^v^

  3. smokehammer says:

    I like 1 because Im always WAR! RAWR! but yeah, gotta agree with Bas here, besides I think the big bad in 2 & 3(?) appears to be Shodun, and thats like, “Where be Snad? Draw more SNAD!!!” or it would lead to us discussing on the forums how Snad probably took Shodun’s body so she could walk or some equally left field crack snorting scenarios.