Magical Chiri page is ready and up!
And its been a while since i drew anything for fun. Its an anxiety by now that cripple me whenever i feel like i should draw something else than work. The decision of what should be drawn. Because as soon as i try to think of ideas then there is so many “This should be drawn” because it could help with the work that come up. Leading even the picture that’s done for fun to become work. If that makes sense. Or maybe i’m just crazy.

Point is, this Faen got drawn. In the end of all the ideas only the one where i get to draw fluffy hairs stuck. That, and faen making a special face.

Chiri getting a hug from Adira! or getting strangled. perhaps both.


4 Responses to dark empress Faen

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Yay for magical girl Chiri-chan! Hugs for magical cat LordPanther! Hugs for non-magical Chirinide (hope she’s alright there). And hail to dark empress Faen – all your butts are belong to her! Just think about it: in her empire, in a complete reversal of the usual manner, the presentation of the butt would be the most respectful and devoted form of salute…

    General Die’tra: The people are gathered in the plaza, my empress, ready for you to take to the balcony and receive their obeisance.

    Empress Faen: Of course. Come, Lady Ariel – we must not keep them waiting too long. …Will you join us, general, and receive the salute at my side?

    General Die’tra: P-p-permission to pump the air and cheer loudly?

    Empress Faen: Granted.

    General Die’tra: YEEEEEESSS!! *pumps fists* Thank you, my empress! Butt-bounty here I come!


  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    wow, that’s a dramatic animated Faen! ~o_O~ and haha, so that’s Chiri getting some Adira love…when I first saw it, I thought it was Zuhur XD (might be the hair? ^^ )

  3. smokehammer says:

    If youre trying to push your talent further doesnt that qualify as the best kind of fun (assuming you accomplish your goal)? Kinda like how people hate super easy video games even when therye trying to “relax” ?

    • Kern says:

      i guess, maybe. Pushing one self also involve breaking the anxiety because that mean going out of the comfort zone.