Chapter 1 book is now available for order. Entirely redone from scratch with superior arts by Studio Drowtales team. Ordering this will get you:
Digital copy with extra concept arts immediatly. (Download link to be given by email along with your purchase confirmation)
56 pages full color laminated comic book to be ship to you starting 26th october.
– Optional: Signatures by Kern, Kite and (if available at the time) Starlitdragon.
– Optional: Custom envelope arts of your favourite Drowtales character with your name. Specify the character and any other details in the special instruction field or “note to merchant”. This is done for an additional fee and we provide no garantee over possible postal damage. If you do not trust the postal services, you may request for your custom character art to be drawn on a seperate bristol sheet.

Price: 10$/6.80€ per copy. Need more than 2? For bulk order rates, please contact
-2.5$ for canada. 1 to 3 business day for delivery.
-3.6$ for usa. 3 to 10 business day for delivery.
-7$/4.75€ for international destinations. 3 to 14 days business day for delivery.
Express tracked shipping is available only for canada.
Shipment schedule : Weekly. Every friday except for the initial 26th october launch.

What are you waiting for? BUY IT!
Through a shop: Chapter 1 is available in some the shops.

Online through us:

Visit the updated shop page to make your order. This is an old news post.

  • Will other chapters be made available?
    Answer: Yes, one at a time. Each new chapter will come if the previous chapters sold enough to justify printing new ones.
  • I have a comic shop and I’d like to support Drowtales. Can I sell some copies in my shop?
    Answer: The printed books comes with ISNB so yes it can be sold and distributed. Contact and write how many copies you would like to buy. We will give you a discount with bulk orders.
  • Will there be tracking number? How will I know when my book is sent?
    Answer: No tracking number, sorry. We will contact you at your paypal email address or at the email address you provided us when your copy is sent. Also a confirmation of your order will be sent within 24 hours. For bulk order, we can arrange a tracking number if you live on the north american continent.
  • Can you ship my copy with a prologue book?
    Answer: Yes, but you will not save anything on the shipping. The prologue book weighs exactly 199 grams. After 200 grams, the shipping cost doubles. This is why bulk orders start at 3 copies.
  • What’s the quality of the book? Who is your printer?
    Answer: We used Transcontinental printing services for a thick, glossy 120m paper interior, with a laminated 200m cover and high quality binding.
  • What if I don’t have paypal?
    Answer: You can pay via snail mail or interac. But we cannot garantee your copy until we receive your payment.
    You can pay via snail mail , by sending your your payment cash or as a money order(bank or postal) in a letter. No check please, we do not accept them. Our address is:
    Studio Drowtales
    163 Alphonse Lacoursiere
    Québec (QC)
    G1M3W7 Canada

    This payment option is available only to canadians. Interac is also another solution, however only RBC, Bank of Montreal, Scotia bank, Canada trust, and CIBC are supported. To send the transfer, you will need to use my email address “” as recipient and then forward me the secret password.


    29 Responses to Book shop : Chapter 1 : Daughters of Sarghress

    1. Runes says:

      -orders immediately and eagerly waits for email with link- ^^

    2. Kite says:

      once you’ve ordered your copy and got the digital version of the comic, I’ve created a discussion thread for it :D just make sure to keep the spoiler stuff there and out of the usual discussion page threads when it comes online on the site. :)

    3. Thindra says:

      SQWEEEEEE!!!!!!! \o/

    4. Durlyn says:

      OH WOW!!! SO COOL!

    5. TheMutant says:

      Ooh, neat. But I take it this means it won’t be available freely on the site like the other chapters, or?

    6. Durlyn says:

      Oh, what sort of specifics can we request for the envelope art?

    7. kern says:

      Durlyn : You can request a specific drowtales character and what name he or she says.

    8. Razgriz says:

      Quick question about the custom artwork:
      How much extra would it cost if… say… I wanted a chibi Waessoloth on bristol board?
      And would shipping be extra for that, or would it just come in the same envelope or package as the book itself?

    9. Picanet says:

      Absolute stunning. Just like the remakes of the old chapters – they’ve breathed new life and colour into the story. Now excuse me while I read it a third time….

    10. wod'rar says:

      the reguested char you can get drawn can that char come from ptp?

    11. Laurie says:

      I just made the order and anxiously await the confirmation email! Thanks for redoing Chapter 1, DrowTales Team! I can’t wait to see it!

    12. Neminus says:

      (sorry if this doubleposts) quick question, did you have to redo chapter 2 for printing as well, or will that go out as is when you get to it?

    13. Vick330 says:

      J’en prends un pour sur, je fais ma commande maintenant :)

    14. kern says:

      Wod’rar: It can be your ptp character but the character need to have been drawn already. We’d use your official design. No text description allowed as the price of the envelope art does not allow for interpretation nor modifications.

    15. Kite says:

      I’d like to recolor some of chapter 2’s earlier pages before it goes to print, but that’s far from a remake ;)

    16. Laurie says:

      Yay! I just received my digital copy. Well done, guys, well done. I’m really floored with what you accomplished with the remake. It really exceeded my expectations, which were admittedly quite high given the production quality of recent Drowtales chapters.

    17. Scorpioni says:

      Just wanted to tell you guys… The new chapter 1 rocks! Especially if you compare it page to page with the old version. It’s nice to see how much Drowtales has improved!

      Good job!

    18. Jaibyrd says:

      Just as soon as I get paid next week… (man it sucks to only get paid once a month :( )

    19. Durlyn says:

      I just ordered mine with custom envelope art of Kelnozz saying “guypower!” LOL XD

      I’m gonna be so excited until it arrives, can’t wait! (:

    20. Durlyn says:

      Is my choice of words for Kelnozz okay Kern? Sorry, didn’t know he was supposed to say an artist’s name, lol

    21. Matt says:

      This is great! Thanks, guys. :D

    22. Beau Barbare says:

      I am excited. :]

    23. Krizzle says:

      How much for both Prologue and Chapter 1 using Bank Transfer?

    24. kern says:

      Krizzle: You don’t save any money by combining orders(see faq for explaination). So it’s the same price as buying both of them seperatly.

    25. snip3y says:

      hmm… are you guys going to transfer the art from the new book to the moonless age archive?

    26. Krizzle says:

      I know, I still want to get both of them though :) I just didn’t know if there’s tax as well as shipping

    27. Kite says:

      the new chapter 1 will be appearing in the moonless age archive sometime in early october :)

    28. noey says:

      umm trying not to spoil or anything but will the thing that died come back to life some how and why are the spiders eyes the same as the kids and err is she “tainted” like everyone else? sorry gotta ask =/

    29. MA2Miller says:

      Yes I have been waiting for this. I wonder if they will start releasing books with mulitpule chapters. Now that wuld be awesome and worth every pennie. Come on guys support drowtales by buying these books.