A drawing for the fun of it? Imposible! at least in the last few months.

Mrartist, sygdom and i did a little darkest dungeon style challenge. Plus today was my darkest dungeon stream on twitch which i must say is growing on me. Its hard to explain, its like twitch suddenly “make sense”. There’s more people than normal, we get random people to come by who are not the usual crowd, we even had a raid from another bigger streamer today! It has a different feel than the normal art stream but while this is all positive i’m not sure what lesson i can take from this to apply to art stream in general to make those better.


8 Responses to Darkest dungeon Quain

  1. AviCat says:

    I played that game a lot. It was great and frustrating all at once. I could never make progress due to the characters dying before ever getting to due the higher level content. I gave up, But, I love this.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    omg Quain so fits in this game XD very nicely done drawing her in Dankest Dungeon art style (or in her case, Tankest Dungeon ^^). she could also be a beastmaster with her dire wolf…or have the Zerg Rush special attack where she raises a hand in the air and fires off a mana flare, and a half dozen Sarghs suddenly appear and charge ALL of the monsters at once, rank shmank :D but her special quirk: if she gets poisoned, she’s more prone to go insane and turn on the party (massive PvP DPS, can only be stopped by arbalests XD )

  3. junglefowl26 says:

    If this were Quain’s afterlife, would it be her hell, or her heaven?