The new magical girl chiri chan page is up, sponsored by lordpanther. And with this i’ve completed my commissions lists which leave only the concept cameo concept art until the giveaways stream of the 22 december. Yes, all giveaways stream for 4h30 4 of us will draw requests from everyone thanks to santa Lordpanther.


3 Responses to Magical girl gone wrong

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    ‘Tis the month before Panthmas, and all ‘cross the ‘net,
    All the the fans will be eagerly waiting, you bet,
    Their requests will be made on the livestream with care,
    In hopes that St. LordPanther’s gift sees them there.

    On their screens, ‘cross the world, in their blankets and rugs,
    They will offer dear LordPanther scritchies and hugs,
    And will raise from their keyboards this call of applause:
    “Merry Panthmas to all, and to you, Santa Paws!”


    Disclaimer: blankets and rugs recommended for northern latitudes only. >:=)>