First of the wolf pack is Wasila for Metzger. Its all about the tongue.
And Kite propose that darkest dungeon be redesigned to the cutest dungeon:

To continue thursday on stream!


3 Responses to Tongue

  1. metzger says:

    Wa’sila in her tonguey Glory!

    Cutest Dungeon is a game im all for!

  2. junglefowl26 says:

    So much Nergui in this one it feels like a second concept art for her.

    (Feels kinda weird to ship your own creation. But also good – since Metzger agrees, no one can stop the ship! Mahahahahaha….well, unless Kern kills one or both of them, like Illivafay and Angjss’stra)

    I wonder what described quirk led to that first panel with the naga.

    Cutest dungeon is a pretty great idea.

    I would also like to see brightest dungeon. Flood lights everywhere, so you have to bring your own sources of shade into the dungeon.

    • Metzger says:

      well, if you rewatch the twitch stream you will see how terrible I was at thinking up proper quirks for Wa’sila.. :I