No stream on friday’s afternoon as we had a doctor appointement. Finally a doctor after years of asking to get one assigned. When we returned the discord was full of “go relax!” “make a pizza!” so we did at least one of the those two thing.
Sadly we were out of cheese.
I know it’s terrible.
Cheese was acquired later on. Pizza is on the menu for saturday.

The last of the ch53 fluffy ssu concept art. This one for Kamary.
Coming next is the wolf pack!


The spreadsheet shows two more names beside those from Ratatoskr but i’ve yet to get a character sheet or why alliance characters ended up in that side of the conflict. Ratatoskr, if you read this, please send me an email!


3 Responses to Floppiest drow ever made

  1. Dalvyserran says:

    Years of asking for an assigned doctor?!

    • Kern says:

      I never got a doctor, meaning, i’ve been waiting since my adult life began.
      Free health care means a shortage of family doctors.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Floppier than Anahid? Is such a thing even possible? We need a method for measuring the Young’s modulus of drow, or possibly a drow’s scale of hardness, from Anahid (1) to Quain’tana (10). Perhaps Anah and Felyn should meet and compare floppiness…

    Anahid: You *nom* really don’t want any of this yummy chocolate? *nom* I think we’re going to be best friends! ♥

    Chirinide (chocoholic daze): *nom* So *nom* virtuous *nom* ♥ ^ω^

    Felyn’mice: ……

    Felyn’s appearance reminds me of Cozmo the bearring from Floraverse, although Felyn probably can’t astrally project while sleeping like bearrings can. (Be careful with Floraverse, dear Drowtalers – it has a rather big archive, and a lot of it reads like a bad/surreal dream or drug trip.)