Tiny fluff for firewalker.

And because they kept comparing her to a certain other fluff…

And kelnoz got a new wardrobe from Adira…o_o


7 Responses to Tiny fluffy things

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    With hair like that, you don’t need to take up a weapon…

    Invading captain: What is this? Why have we halted our advance? And who is this… captive? :-3

    Squad: We’re trying to determine that, Captain. *hair-stroke* *tousle* *tousle* *tousle*

    Captain: Stop that! Bring the prisoner over hair- I mean, here! *produces hairbrush and comb* Alright, it would seem we are finished for the day. *tousle* Make camp! *sits, sits Dan’suun on lap, begins brushing hair* ♥


    Dan’suun: Sorry… *pulls hairbrush from captain’s frozen fingers* …but you were invading us. *looks sadly around frozen camp* *fiddles with bristles of hairbrush* Er… got to go home and report. ‘Bye. *runs off with hairbrush in hand*


  2. FireWalker says:

    PFFFT I forgot about Vara, both of their (mine included) respective fluffiness shows no mercy!

    This Fluff’s Hair Can’t Be Tamed!

    *Sees Kel in *pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff suddenly dies from deflation*

  3. Metzger says:



    no but seriously, really cute Kyorl, gonna give Snadhyas agents diabetes

  4. smokehammer says:

    Did Ash or Mel get ahold of poor Kel ? XD