Writing has begun making for an exciting time of planning that no doubt take many months of our lives to complete in comic form. Its too early to estimate length as of yet. Part of the writing however included 5 chibi pages for kite to produce this week while i wrap up my writing and start production of the next chapter’s pages, which will start on monday the 20th!
One big doubt was wheter ch53-54 would be one chapter combined or seperated. After this initial writing phase i feel its best to keep seperated due to the major difference in feel, story point goal and point of views.
That said , my day wasn’t all writing:

concept art in progress of a tiny fluff for Firewalker

Concept art in progress of a sad fluff for Kamary

And two Chrys reaction to discord comments

Plus Kite trading a catboy with someone. Because you know she love her catboys.


3 Responses to writing of ch53-54 has begun

  1. MagicSkyshark says:

    Tiny fluff: Hug her, and adopt her!
    Sad fluff: So delicate, so sad ( Hug her, make her smile again, and never let go…

    Great work, Kern!

  2. FireWalker says:

    D’AWWWW I’m screaming again Kern! >^^<
    And D'AWWWW Little Sad Fluff needs tons of warm hugs and I will never let her go, and tell that everything is going to be okay…(/)O3O(\)

  3. HoneyBee says:

    Chrys ~ Love of my life <3 I mish u ;-;