Cameo on the 28th live on stream and will be available the whole weekend with some roles being limited numbers. The artwork above represent the 4 factions that’ll be available.

Today’s 15 minutes challenge was “Halloween”









For Sygdom

For Nori:

For tsukiko


29 Responses to Cameo incoming soon

  1. smokehammer says:

    Oh my god its worse in color!! Is that like the “Son” Snadhya had with Sarv’swati? O.o ? Clone Khaless?

    The worst part is its probably obvious and just went WOOSH on me XD

    • smokehammer says:

      Oh, its Shodun. Oops. Shouldve gone back and read yesterday’s

      • junglefowl26 says:

        I was wondering where Shodun had went to, since she had always been with the ship before.

        Looking at her outfit, it seems she is in the imperial guard now.

        (Thinking about it, I really would like to have seen a scene with Shodun and Kyo in it, both Illhardro working for Snad with big regrets…but would Kyo not like Shodun because of her role in the coup? Did Shodun teach Kyo how to Fus Roh Dah? Could have been interesting….)

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Halloween Chiri-cat is so nice! Have all the Halloween candy, Chiri!

    Chirinide: *picks out all the chocolates* *distributes the rest of the sweets to the poor* *heads back home, ready for chocolate-fuelled feline fun* *slips into Shan’naal’s room* *locks door against prowling Anahids* *struts forward bearing chocolate* …Trick or treat, Shan? ♥

    Shan’naal: Can’t I have both? :-)

    Chirinide: You can. *pounce* *feeds Shan’naal a large chocolate* *purrrrrrrrrr* :-3

    Shan’naal: *nommy-nom* ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  3. Dalvyserran says:

    Ahh, shodun. Was totally wrong lol

    If I added Chigusa, would she be with Ariel?

  4. Thrair says:

    Three things.

    First off: Squee.

    Second: Sang has a slightly evil menacing vibe.

    Third: I think Sang’s wearing fur? Secret Alliance with Snadhya *totes* confirmed. Only evil people where fur in the setting. It’s like the mark of Cruella De Vil.

    • Thrair says:


      • smokehammer says:

        Hasnt Sang always worn fur to cover up the joints between her artificial limbs and shoulders?

        • Pitdragon says:

          Yeah, many Sarghs do. I could see since the wolves Sarghs ride aren’t immortal a soldier could even make use of their coats to keep them close longer. Had an idea for a Sargh that did that once.

  5. Vlashrod says:

    Sarghress vs Sanghress :3

  6. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    another Sang giveaway is her segmented gorget around her neck (reminds me of Mettaton EX…now I’m gonna hear that song every time I see her ^^ ). very nice Cameo Call poster, Kern o/

    wow, all the pics are great ^^ but holy crap Tallsharis, dat candy-sprinkles hair is so colorful and amazing o_O I like the Ssu mask too (o.o) outstanding job, everybody \o/

  7. vernes says:

    Ah! Cameos.
    Time to switch to noodles for a while.

  8. Abyrae says:

    Darn. Emergency visit to the vet with the furbaby means I don’t have the funds for a cameo this time.

    Oh well, can’t wait to see the chapters anyway! Aren’t they gonna be the last 2 chapters, or close to the end anyway? Lots of stuff is gonna go down, big battles, conflicts, resolutions, plot holes to be filled, et cetera. S’gonna be great.

    • Kern says:

      i think there’s 3 cameo call like this. So, two more after this. 53 is like 51, short and just me wanting to do chill stuff for a while away from the big drama. Could’ve been side stories but hey, lets just make it a numbered chapter.

  9. Sonor Val'Illhar'dro says:

    So like Sonor’enai is a Nega’fanea loyalist so how is she going to respond to the presence of Shodun, who is like Enemy #1 to the Illhar’dro because of the whole murder-of-Sandaur-stealing-airship thing, but also still sticking to Zala’ess and the Alliance????

    • Kern says:

      meta knowledge Sonor, metaaa. technically Snad is part of the alliance.

      • junglefowl26 says:

        It is not like Shodun’s defection was secret though, lots of characters referenced it.

        Still, I imagine the thing to do is put up with it and do her job, maybe throw some shade on the side.

      • Sonor Val'Illhar'dro says:


        Okay, whew, well that clears things up. Will hopefully get Sonor into the alliance cameos

  10. Anders says:

    So how do Cameo’s work?

    • Thrair says:

      You send money to Kern via Paypal, and email him the details of the cameo. Details of the last cameo call can be found here:

      The new call will, of course, be different on the details. Kern has said he may or may not have an interlude chapter, and this next chapter will heavily feature the Kyorl’solenurn.

      However, the main points will likely remain the same: You send Kern money via paypal to sponsor a cameo, along with a email following the template provided for the chapter to give him the details needed to create the cameo. Sponsoring a cameo was $160 last chapter, and an additional $60 for a concept art.

      On that note, while you don’t strictly NEED a concept art to sponsor a cameo, is is HEAVILY encouraged to have at least one for a cameo, although you don’t need a new one for every chapter. The reason for this is that Kern has a much easier time drawing a cameo in the comic if he’s got an appearance reference to guide him. You can provide your own art if you like, but an official cameo is even better because it allows Kern to spend some time drawing the character and a few of their personality quirks so he can get a rough feel for the character. Especially so if you are present at the stream when he draws the concept, as you can then provide live feedback.

      If you’re looking for help in creating a cameo design, check out this thread:
      It’s where a lot of people have spent time brainstorming and refining cameo ideas, and it can really help zero in on a cohesive character.

      Hope that helps!

      • Thrair says:

        Oh, and further: Cameos are guaranteed at least one close-up during the chapter and seem to have at least one speaking line. And they generally appear for several pages. However, beyond that, their appearance varies based on how well they fit into the chapter’s story. Some cameos only appear in a limited background way, others will get more prominent roles if they happen to fit a needed background role.

        There is no real way to predict what roles Kern will need. Don’t bother to much with trying to fish for a critical role, instead focus on building a consistent character concept. That said, Kern does generally need more of the…. ahem… less savory characters. There is an abundance of heroic-type cameos and many neutral cameos, but each chapter tends to have a much smaller number of “bad apples”. And the story does need some bad apples to push the bad guy’s plots. So there *is* that.

        As a final note, cameos *can* and have died or been injured, though this has happened less of late. And once the cameo is sponsored, while Kern will follow the character concept as best he can, story needs do take priority. Ultimately, once you sponsor the cameo, the creative control falls to Kern, and it becomes one of “his” characters, so to speak. You create the character, but the author gets to decide what to do with them.

        This is why it’s a good idea to focus more on personality than physical skills or abilities.

    • Kern says:

      You be there this week end , buy a slot, submit your character for that slot. Some roles will be limited, some won’t. Like for Ariel’s little rebel group that had unlimited slots. this is what decided how many people actually came along for the airship hunt. But the alliance members on the other hand as you saw it was already very busy, more would’ve been extra hard to fit in.

  11. Durlyn says:

    Will it be one cameo per person or can we do more if we wish/can afford it?