Chiri death knight commission for Lordpanther, in progress.

Day 9 : fat dragon. I had to do something really quick as ff14 released their expension and it consumed most of our tuesday.

Day 10 : white fluff. I have the next chapter in mind with the thought of what Chiri could look like if she live in a colony without her armor on.

Fanwork of Chrys by newtsoda


3 Responses to Fluff winter fashion

  1. smokehammer says:

    That is a Hellaphat dragon.

  2. Pitdragon says:

    Ooo, colony Chiri. :D

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Could Chiri combat the encroaching nether and cunning Nids through the power of fluffy couture and clothing design? Find out in The Nidra’chaal Wear Snadhya.

    Snadhya’rune: I shall crush you and all your fluff with my trend-defining editorial powers! …Just as soon as I finish fat-shaming this dragon!

    Sarghress dragon-decorating crew: *sneak up behind Snadhya’rune, jump her, and wrap her up in tinsel and influence-blocking silvered foil* *start decorating fat dragon for Christmas*

    Fat Dragon: ♥ *munches a few Christmas ornaments*

    Snadhya’rune: (thinks) I shall give you and your efforts such a bad review! X-(