That was a quiet stream today. Makes me wonder further about the viability of picarto in the future.

Vampire kiel commission for Lordpanther.

Challenge was “Shy” to match the inkoctober.
Sygdom is supportive of late and i felt like making it a gift at the same time:









For Tallsharis:

From Tranquil To Eltharrion:
Kite’s and Adira’s are not yet done.


6 Responses to Shy

  1. smokehammer says:

    Kiel as a “vamp”ire? XD Awesome.

    Also, what on earth is that crocodile with style hanging onto?

  2. Tranquil says:

    a very crude gun

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Kountess Kiel’ndia thirsts for your butt! Muhahahaaaaa!


    Doctor van Arielsing: Place the stake between the left and right butt-cheeks-

    Countess Kiel’ndia: And make sure it has no splinters.

    Doctor van Arielsing: Quiet, you! …then drive it in with the mallet. A moment’s discipline, Miss Faen’a-

    Countess Kiel’ndia: And haven’t you got a bigger stake? With nobbly bits, perhaps, or barrel ribs? Have a look in that chest over there – I’ve got vibrating ones, flavoured ones, self-centring mallets-

    Doctor van Arielsing: Be quiet! And Faen, you’re supposed to avoid touching her butt-cheeks before delivering the final blow, not-

    Countess Kiel’ndia: Oh noooooo, butt massage – my one true weakness! ♥

    Doctor van Arielsing: This is getting ridiculous! Here, let me-

    Countess Kiel’ndia: ♥ But I’m totally in your power right now! ♥ Don’t you want to-

    Doctor van Arielsing: NO! If you’re not going to take this seriously- *huff* *grabs stake and mallet* *marches off, dragging Faen’a Murray with her*

    Countess Kiel’ndia & Faen’a Murray: AWWWWWWWW!!! ;_;


    And, given Kiel’s turtle fixation, I reproduce for your edification a fragment from one of the Not the Nine O’Clock News spin-off books, circa 1980:

    ‘And do you transform yourself into a vampire bat??’

    ‘No, I transform myself into a vampire, er… tortoise.’

    ‘And do you leap from the battlements with a blood-curdling shriek??’

    ‘No, I leap from the battlements with a blood-curdling thunk.’


    In closing, ave benefactor to LordPanther for this vampire feast, thumbs up for girls with horns, shy or not, and here is a link to Too Shy by Kajagoogoo, also from the early ’80s. Enjoy!

  4. Lement says:

    That Vampy Kiel…Impressive, it goes together amazingly well. Very nice!