Magical girl chiri chan page sponsored by Lordpanther is up! Starting a new arc with Anahid as companion.
Kite also worked on a magical girl naga during the stream but as she said it’ll need many more streams to complete. That said, we’re planning a special event next week for twitch where Kite and I will chalenge each other to draw something the other doesn’t know. And see what kind of weird stuff come up.
We’re also planning to take a day off next week(gasp) not sure if it is monday or tuesday yet. And finally the costreamer for saturday is Mau, bringer of naga smut so it’ll be a lewd stream.


One Response to Magical anah

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Hooray for LordPanther and Chiriboobs! May the team-up with magical girl Anah be fruitful and bouncy!

    Anahid: Damage my clothing all you want, foeman – it only makes my powers stronger! ♥ :-D