New story for Daydream by Norin , the “Fat dawmere”! Get in there, submit options and votes to show your interest in the story. The first page is too small but this will be fixed in the pages to come. Norin is just used to work at really low res.

Progress on the magical girl page. To be completed after friday’s stream.

Ssapdra and Vlashrod ended up modifying the previous page for a little crossover spin off. Sure, he’ll spray some silver over his teeth :P

Which reminded me, Vlashrod did this over his previous commission:


2 Responses to Fat dawmere

  1. metzger says:

    very nice to see Norin in DD again :3
    alos like the Mad Max Golem poster

  2. smokehammer says:

    Mad Kau… Oh man, thats so wrong. XD

    And I seem to remember a loooong time ago there was an actual goofy “Chel’s life” Magazine on the site, complete with an “ask your favorite character” column.