The concept art for guilty is a go. And yes Smokehammer it does take more time. Thankfully not that much more.
And Kite worked on a giveaway , she too is trying to do something more polished this time:

Look like she’ll need 2 session to complete that giveaway.


4 Responses to Tiefling

  1. HoneyBee says:

    This layout is cool, though it looks a bit too crowded.

    • Kern says:

      maybe if the colored piece has a white border around it?

      • HoneyBee says:

        YES! I believe that would work. It usually makes the picture look more cartoony– somehow, or like a pin, but I’m certain you can see if it looks alright in the end. Though you’d likely have to make a two-border (black & white) the way I see it. To contrast when it’s over blacks as well as when it’s over whites.