Faen bear emote, animated. I couldn,t muster the strenght to do anything more complex.
And a mouse emote i doodled for darkvolt on stream.

Plus Vlashrod commission sketch.

Mustering energy to do arts lately has been very hard i must admit. Its not just a one time thing. Right now for the first time in so many chapters its me who’s holding back the updates so i’ve got to shake whatever it is off my mind.


9 Responses to rwar

  1. SFI says:

    Kern, you are THIS close to a bloody burnout. Plz get someone to do some guestpages for a week orso if you really can’t bear to have no updates or just have other artist-people do some chibis.

    I’m seriously concerned you’ll just crash at this point and then stuff is going to take even longer. I am pretty certain people won’t leave just because you need to take a week off to relax and regain your energy. What you’re doing is NOT healthy.

  2. Dakla says:

    Have to back up with SFI: you clearly need some vacation. A burn out is not easy to hop back from: witnessed it from my own family.

  3. junglefowl26 says:


  4. Vlashrod says:

    On the same note. Energy is not a eternal thing and you have defeated a large of amount of work recently. We prefer you to relax and rest instead of wasting your days to munster energy.
    Take your time to find a new refreshing start.


  5. Metzger says:

    yeah must agree with SFI and Vlash,

    so fifthed

  6. Yan! make sure you get enough personal time in :-( I know it’s tough because you’re the main force running the business end of things. But throwing a long weekend (3 days!) where you get out of the house and don’t do anything work-related might be enough to recharge you if you’re experiencing burnout. Plan something different so you have the change of scenery (staying in the house might not help since you work there). If you can’t take the time off right this second, just plan it now so you have something to look forward to in a couple weeks. This trick works for me – I find myself way more motivated to work crazy hours when I know I have to take 2-3 days off (and can’t work the weekend) because I have a guest coming or I need to travel. Then coming back off the 2-3 day break, I’m a lot more productive.

    Hope you can get back into the swing of things.

  7. smokehammer says:

    Maybe try finding a story or artwork thats like what you need to do that really inspires you? Sometimes that helps me.

  8. Kern says:

    Tough. But i’ll try. Its hard to think of what to do for vacations ,

    • SFI says:

      Maybe visit a museum? Or just do a couple chilldays where you only game/watch movies and don’t touch drowtales with a 10-foot-pole?