xcom squad commission part 2 with the aliens side for farex. May get completed thursday, maybe friday. With sickness striking me right about now i’ve little hope for a quick completion.

And Kite two pics from the stream. The cat one is about Neige meowing at an already open door which she does all the time lately on stream.


6 Responses to Neige you silly cat

  1. smokehammer says:

    Apparently you need to hang your sliders upside down so that your house has proper Meow Shui. The best path for Pu entry and exit is obviously on the (currently) solid side.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Neige: (thinks) Mean papaKern and mamanKite won’t give me attention while they’re talking to their glowboxythings, and won’t let me climb or block or lie or kill… this will do it, though. A variation on the old “stuck in a tree” ploy. It’s got to work. Come on, maman, papa, you must want to rescue your poor kitty from the puzzle of the glass door. Any second now…


  3. Farex says:

    Aww. hope it’s nothing serious, and get well soon Kern!

    And take some rest, my commission can wait.