Diva dressed as Nashu as a giveaway for magicskyshark.

And commission of sharkmaid for lordpanther. That one took longer but i think the composition came out well.


3 Responses to Sharkmaid

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Hello sharkmaid! That’s a nice set of bones you have there. Too bad they belonged to other people.

    Sharkmaid: Hehe, thanks! And they’re pretty well the only bones I have – my skeleton is mostly cartilage. Feel free to photograph! *pose* *pose* *pose*

    Ah, yes… Sharkmaid Tours reminds customers to keep their equipment and hands inside the boat’s protective cage at all times – some of her friends might be out there, waiting to pounce. We would also like to remind you that on this luxury excursion, sponsored by the one and only LordPanther, an open buffet is available.

    Sharkmaid: An open buffet!? Does that mean it’ll serve Nidraa’chal? Or hermionnes?

    Of course – Sharkmaid Tours take great pride in serving Nidraa’chal and all the goblin races in any way possible.

    Sharkmaid: Great! Then I’d like a tangy kebabbed Nidraa’chal, and my friend with the tentacles will have a life-raft of hermionnes au gratin to go! ŵŵ

    Ave benefactor LordPanther, for keeping us, and the sharkmaid, well fed! >:=)>

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    That Diva as bespectacled Nashu looks like a Kite masterpiece 8) So cute! And prolific patron of pay-per-pic LP cracked me up when he remarked how he was “surprised at the continuing popularity of Shark-Maid” followed up with “oh yeah that was mine” ^^ Bless ya, LP o/