Commission for Lordpanther. The quickest one of the month. Coming next is Sharkmaid which he chose the second composition:

wednesday to friday is magical girl chiri.


2 Responses to kitties

  1. Metzger says:

    Kitten Kel x Kitten Waes? cute and adorable! 100/10

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    JustKitties.com – your favourite chibi kitty pairings, shipped in a box!

    Welcome back, esteemed customer LordPanther! We look forward to serving you with more kitty cuteness!

    Top pairings of the moment:

    Kel x Waes
    Ariel x Faen
    Mel x Ashie
    Kiel x Inten
    Tar’shay x Melonkitty (Mewlon/Meowlon)

    Note: The Kuso x Steak pairing is now forbidden on the grounds that 1) steak is not a character, even if Kuso says it is, 2) the steak usually arrived inside the Kusokitty, resulting in customer dissatisfaction, and 3) Kuso is just terrible and shouldn’t be allowed out anyway.

    Please visit our affiliate site SharkMaidTours.com – service with a smile guaranteed!