Such cuteness from Kite. Also punny. Does that mean Shan in moonless need to become a punner?

Also last sharen concept is done. This one for thrair
How many concept are left? 2!!!!! Almost there but they’ll be done in august as it is time to tackle the regular commission. First this friday will feature an extra long livestream where i will spend 5 hours to complete B’s and Vlashrod’s commission page. Saturday will likely be Lordpanther’s lude comic page. So that monday and tuesday can be the less lude stuff(Sharkmaid, waes and kel) on twitch. Followed by magical chiri wednesday to friday. That said, this mean one of july commission will not be completed in time as next week is likely to be the big art jam.


4 Responses to Blood of the dragon rises

  1. junglefowl26 says:

    Great comic!
    And no, canon Shan should not become a punner unless he wants to have his hair catch fire.

    Poor Altesh, looks like he had it rough these past three years.
    In particular, the contrast between his ca and the ca of the guardsmen who quit and moved to the colonies is stunning.

    So, no Mimians and researchers for a while? Makes sense. I will wait eagerly to find out how they fit in the story.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    How about scritch quests, Chiri?

    Temple guardian: Who enters the Temple of the Cosseting Hands? Adepts, scritch these invaders to within an inch of their lives!

    Chirikitty: Come on then! Let’s do this! Show me what you’ve got! *charges into temple* Chiriiiii-kitty! *prrrrrrrrrrr* Is that all you can give me? *mrrAAAAOOO* I can take petting like this all day!! *RAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW* You-you’ve found my secret, secret places of ecstasy between my toes, you cunning, cunning fiends!! ♥

    Many hours later.

    Chirikitty: *exits temple with loot* They all succumbed to hand cramps and RSI. Ha! Lightweights. *organises inventory* …… *re-enters temple* *exits dragging Shan’cat*

    Shan’cat: *comatose* ♥

    Chirikitty: *re-enters temple* *exits dragging Anacat*

    Anacat: Noooooooo. *sigh* Where have all the scritchies gone? ;ω;

    Chirikitty: *re-enters temple* *exits dragging Kahrkat*

    Kahrkat: Thanks…

    Chirikitty: …… *re-enters temple* *exits dragging bunch of adepts for later*


    Al’tesh – first ver’drowendar to kill off his seed with alcohol poisoning?


  3. Thrair says:

    I bow before the way of the pun.

    By the way… for the record? If it ain’t flammable, it ain’t strong enough to compensate for Snad. :)

    Concept turned out great. That upper right chibi made it click. :)